Craftsmanship • Quality • Integrity

Whether a customized exterior or interior space, a decorative entryway or an approach to your property, Architectural Concrete Solutions provides an attractive, affordable and long lasting paving and flooring alternative that adds value to your investment. Architectural Concrete Solutions offers our customers a myriad of concrete products, designs, colors, patterns and textures that resembles the desired beauty of natural elements. Architectural Concrete Solutions is able to assist our customers in achieving their dreams of going from concept to reality.

With the most experience in Central Ohio, the workmanship of Architectural Concrete Solutions’ owners has been based on craftsmanship, quality and integrity since 1989. Our organization is dedicated to developing lasting business relationships through our experienced craftsman, quality of work, and our attention to detail and value. When considering your decorative paving or flooring alternatives, go with the proven industry leader in Architectural Concrete Solutions!

Concrete is GREEN!

Architectural Concrete Solutions is proud to provide a product and service that is not only beautiful while adding value to your investment, but is good for the environment as well. Whether it is during the installation of your concrete or over the duration of your concrete product, using concrete over other products is friendlier to the environment.

Did you know?

During the installation process alone, it takes up to 80% less fossil fuels for concrete than asphalt per ton of materials. Concrete is 100% recyclable and the United States recycles 140 million tons of concrete each year. Concrete is produced locally from abundant natural resources. Concrete can be made with reclaimed industrial materials that would otherwise burden landfills. Recycled materials in concrete can reduce CO2 emissions. Concrete’s light color reduces the heat island effect, lowering urban energy use.


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